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Subject: Music.bnk
Hi there,

I've just registered here after developing an interest in the Fable series and its potential for modding.  I am at the moment attempting to extract the music.bnk file in order to listen to all the wav files therein, however no media player seems to be able to read them, despite apparently all of them being wav files.  I have read elsewhere that Xbox game audio is usually in the .xma format, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

I'm wondering if this is an issue with the Hunter/Silver BNKExplorer program that has been posted on this site? Or is there a step I am missing in order to correctly decompress the bnk file?  Perhaps there is a codec I need to obtain so that I can play them/convert them to something that IS playable?

Many thanks for any help that anyone can provide ;)

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